Ciara Daly Range

Hero Brush

The ultimate brush for applying your foundation.

Price: £25.00

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Diva Brow Collection

Create great eyebrows.  Shape your brows however you like from straight to ambre brows.

  • 1x dual eyebrow brush (spoolie/angled brow brush)
  • 1x slanted sable (eyebrow/eyeliner brush)

Price: £16.00

Goddess Collection

Great cheeks every time. Perfect to create the sculpted look of celebrities by contouring and highlighting.

  • 1x ultimate contouring brush
  • 1x cheek bone blusher brush
  • 1x highlighting/blending brush

Price: £32.00

Phoenix Collection

Eyes for any occasion.  Perfect for creating the smokey eye look.

  • 1x under eye detailer
  • 1x shadow accent brush
  • 1x base blending brush
  • 1x socket blending brush

Price: £32.00

Desire Duo Collection

1x flat lip brush

1x rounded lip brush



Price: £16.00

Angel Brush

Perfect brush to complete your makeup look.

Flawless powder Finish

Price: £16.00

Large Brush Holder

Price: £18.00

Brush Cleaner

Price: £10.00

The Brush Egg

The Brush egg is used for deep cleaning makeup and other small brushes. It’s compact, quick, easy, affordable and effective

Price: £3.00

Sphinx Collection

Precision perfect liner … Perfect exotic eyeliner trends from a soft defined liner to a strong winged liner.

Price: £16.00