Detox & Protect Foundation 01 Beige

SPF15  SWEET ALMOND OIL YEAST EXTRACT VITAMIN E Thanks to its sweet almond oil, algae essence and Vitamin E, it provides the best result in make-up, while at the same time it acts as a shield protecting the skin. Sweet Almond Oil E rich in vitamins and minerals, sweet almond oil has antioxidant properties and anti-aging properties. Moisturizes the skin, lifts the roughness from the center, softens the skin. Helps reduce skin wrinkles and tenderness Yosun Özü It's a powerful antioxidant. The skin is called free radicals and helps prevent sun rays, stress, polluted air, which can not be intercepted from the outside. Vitamin E The most powerful antioxidant known. It acts as a shield protecting skin against free radicals


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