SoSu Premium Make Up Brushes -The Eye Collection

Premium Make Up Brushes  "All of the brushes are made from the highest quality synthetic fibres



The Eye Collection (7 Piece Set) SE201 Large Fluffy: Dome shaped blender, perfect for application of transition colour and creating a seamless finish SE202 Medium Fluffy: A flat brush for blending into the crease of the eye or packing directly onto the lid. SE203 Pointed Blender: Tapered at the tip for a more precise application in the inner socket of the eye SE204 Flat Packing: Perfect for adding intense colour to the spotlight of the lid SE205 Tapered Shadow: For creating a super smoky effect on the lower lash line and the outer corner of the eyes SE206 Angled Liner: A firm, angled head for a precise and even eyeliner application SE207 Brow & Spoolie Duo: Create hair-like strokes with this ultra thin brush & a spoolie to brush out for a more natural look


Price: £26.50

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